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Bring a little Archie’s extravagance to your next soiree, whether it’s christmas with the fam, your teen daughter's birthday, or a team-building day, we have you covered.

Get ready for all the fun and none of the hassles (we'll cook, clean and even host), there’s nothing like an Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq party!

Party with us!

Ready to plan your most exciting party yet? At Archie Brothers, you're spoiled for choice with endless thrills, plenty of games, delicious food, and incredible cocktails. The hardest part is choosing from all of our options! Try your luck against our games and you could get your hands on the coveted collectables atop our jackpot. Next up verse the mates at bowling, or go retro in dodgems. You won’t go hungry at Archie Brothers, we’re always slinging old-school sandwiches and burgers that are (almost) as awe-inducing as our array of games. Between rounds, you’ll no doubt hit up the bartender to quench your thirst after all the competition. Try our crazy cocktails, like the Pop Til You Drop, with whipped cream, fireball and garnished with popcorn (obviously!), or maybe even the Candy Stand – the boozy strawberry shake with a giant lollipop to top.

Party Types

Our tips for a great success!

Let's get to planning!

1. Get the guestlist packed. Choose 10 or more mates, the more the merrier we always say!

2. Choose your ideal date and timings, and always keep a backup in mind – or get in early to avoid any disappointment or last-minute stresses.

3. Check out all of our packages and activities (there’s a lot)! Mix and match activities from bowling, dodgers, arcade games & laser tag. Choose your favs and let’s curate a night just for you.

4. Now it’s time to check out the mouthwatering menus and don’t forget to check in with your mates for any pesky dietaries (no sweat, we can cater to what you need). 

5. Finally, let’s get you all booked in. Hit the book now button below, or call us to customise a package. From there you can leave it to us, we’ll do all the heavy lifting – all you need to do now is start the group chat & choose a party shirt!

Have more questions about booking a party? GET IN TOUCH with us to find out more!

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